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This is an audio clip of Dan Didio at SDCC.  Someone in the audience asked him why the percentage of women on DC’s creative team dropped from 12% to 1%.  His response is “What do these numbers mean to you?” and “Who should we be hiring?”  I know most of you have read a transcript of the discussion, but you should probably listen to this.  I know I imagined a more sarcastic/inquisitive tone on “Who should we be hiring?” so hearing how aggressive he sounds is just.  Wow.  I would’ve been incredibly uncomfortable had I witnessed this first hand.

I’m pretty sure credit for the audio clip goes to DCWKA, but I could be wrong.

Holy shit. 

oh my god

didio what the fuck

Oh, DiDio, as much as I love to see a man like you squirm, I wish the satisfaction were coming from something else.

What do those numbers mean to you? That’s the best you had? I think there were a lot in the audience who had an answer for that immediately. I’m almost insulted that the question threw him for a loop so easily, because what seems obvious to many in the crowd is an afterthought. DiDio, you’re co-publisher of DC Comics. You have been a writer, editor, and Vice President. You’ve worked in television. You’ve done conventions and interviews for years. You’re not exactly wet behind the ears. You come armed to the teeth for panel questions, champ. That all you could do was get riled, sputter a nonsense question, and call on someone else is hilariously sad.

For readers. Because the blind eye is turned so far that there was nothing prepared in the event that this topic would be brought up. Nothing. Not a friendly non-confrontational response, not a distraction, not a lie, not a reasonable shift in topic. Granted, it’s not like we haven’t seen this sort of response from DiDio before, but that’s no comfort. I don’t buy the idea that he’s a man simply not suited for interviews or public discussion. He does well when he’s got a leg to stand on.

I’ve got a cruel streak a mile wide, to be honest. I am predatory and mean and DiDio is a free lobster dinner, stuffed with its own privilege and buttered with backlash that was a long time coming. It is impossibly fantastic, as the chef has just informed me that my meal died of its own volition, warned about the pot, coaxed away from the pot, yet hopping in with a final cry of “WHO SHOULD WE HIRE—NEXT QUESTION!” I am doing this creature a service by making use of its innards.

The trouble is, one does not live on lobster or schadenfreude. There are fans who are still starving, and a lobster one day won’t make anyone less hungry the next. It is not, after all, what we wanted. Some will say, after the cooldown, that more female writers are coming and point to the incident as truth. Maybe. This doesn’t mean anyone should stop asking those bothersome questions. No one's done here. There are fans who will jump in and say those who want female writers and artists should stop complaining because the point has been supposedly made, and that the situation is still so much better than it was years ago. So clearly the issue is over. Everyone go home.

This clip amused me, but it hurt thousands of others. Coupled with a lot of other terrible news out of SDCC, it’s extremely disheartening. There are so many great female creators and the list going around proves it. Don’t tell me fans can’t peruse that long list and find at least a handful of artists and writers they would trade in a heartbeat for a male counterpart already in the business.

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    knew there was a reason i disliked dc
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    I tend to bitch about the comic industry (and media in general) as being openly and aggressively bigoted towards talent...
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    I used to really like you, DC. Your reboot and this are making me start to lose faith in you. Way to fuck over your...
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    There is something I just don’t understand about this. How is it possible that almost no women work in these comic...
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    Dan DiDio still needs to die in a fire.
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