I'm Friday. I'm a pretty good sidekick with pretty good side flips. Maybe we can be friends? Maybe we can read comics? I can write you a story, we can make some allegories! I hope you like fun, it is way better than guns. Eat all your vegetables!
I look a lot like Robin if you close your eyes

The Batman and Flash shirts I was really excited about showed up in the mail the same day my mom found the Batdance record at a flea market. So now I have a bounty of baseball tees and a record I can play by making a makeshift record player out of paper. If you’re too young for the old Bat-movie hype, this insanity is what happens when you let Prince tackle Batman. Figuratively. 

So to celebrate I wore my Batshirt a few days ago and pretended I knew what I was doing when I used anything but my jeans. No one asked me to save them, but I assume it is because they were too intimidated by how vengeance and the night I was being. A baby on the train was really into me, though. She kept looking at me and waving this toy around. “Settle down, chum” I told her. “You’re not quite old enough to be a Robin yet.” But that only encouraged her theatrics.

Also, I grombled down some sushi at my desk in front of the new hot music intern with little to no shame. Fuck you and your horn-rimmed glasses, new guy. This stuff is expensive. The symbol on this shirt doesn’t stand for “Chick Who Doesn’t Gromble Food At Her Desk Like a Badass”.

I am still learning clothes. I think I will roll around in this dress for Mom’s day and make my mom some foods. Be good to your motherly figures and always drink your Ovaltine and do your homework and rest your eyes every few hours when on the computer.