I'm Friday. I'm a pretty good sidekick with pretty good side flips. Maybe we can be friends? Maybe we can read comics? I can write you a story, we can make some allegories! I hope you like fun, it is way better than guns. Eat all your vegetables!
I look a lot like Robin if you close your eyes
ianbrooks: Agreed. That Blue Beetle picture comes from a land of epicness, where it once resided as king. Only now venturing upon us mere mortals to sing praise of the promised land, though none will ever know it's epic shores nor epic treeline.

I would normally take your sunglasses away and crush them with my bare hands for using that word so many times at once, but there are very few things in the world that deserve that sort of praise and JEEZLOUISUS that Beetle glows.

Instead, I’m saving that Deadpool cosplayer and Modern Heroes statue to my hard drive and posting some more Beetles. I should be working and you are making me look at all these men in spandex. People are going to think there are things wrong with me.

#there are some things not right with me

  1. positiverolemodel said: If there was ever anything wrong with staring at pretty men in spandex, then, honey, there ain’t nothin’ right about you and I.
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